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Plan setup

We prepare the company’s resolution allowing to put in place the plan, the required government forms (T510, T1004 and T1007), the plan text and the initial actuarial valuation. Once all the documents are signed, we take care of sending them to the CRA.

Mise en place
Administration annuelle
Évaluation actuarielle
Modification de régime

Our field of expertise: IPPs

We offer the following services to incorporated professionals/ business owners in Quebec who wish to set up an IPP or who already have an IPP in place and would like to benefit from our services:


Annual administration

For an IPP whose funds are held in a trust, we prepare the T3P and T244 forms each year. For an IPP whose funds are held in an insurance contract, we prepare the T244 form each year.


Actuarial valuation

If the company wishes to continue contributing to the IPP, we prepare and submit to the CRA an actuarial valuation report every three years. This valuation indicates, among other things, the financial position of the plan on the valuation date as well as the allowable contributions to the plan for the next three years.


Plan amendment

We prepare the required documents to register the plan amendment and submit these documents to the CRA once they are signed by the designated stakeholders. Here are some examples of situations where an amendment must be registered with the CRA: change of trustee, addition/withdrawal of a participating employer, changes to plan provisions, addition/withdrawal of a plan member, etc.


Pension calculation

We calculate the gross pension amount payable to the member at the time of retirement, based on employment earnings for the years of service recognized in the plan and the plan provisions.


Plan wind-up

We prepare the company’s resolution allowing the plan wind-up as well as form T920. Once those documents are signed and we have received all the necessary information to proceed, we prepare the wind-up report and submit all required documents to the CRA.

Calcul de retraite
Terminaison de régime

 *Our fees for the services offered are fixed and agreed upon in advance with the client.

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